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Caviar Star

Maine Lobster Meat, Cooked Claw and Knuckle

$60.00 - $99.00
*New Supplier, even better than previous product!  One pound or two pounds of premium, all natural Maine Lobster. Pre-cooked and hand-picked from the claws and knuckles of the American lobster (Homarus americanus). Delicious and tender, this...


Cold Smoked Balik Atlantic Salmon

$30.00 - $57.00
Cold Smoked Balik Atlantic Salmon "Fume" - Choice of Approx. 8 oz or 1 lb Loin. Also known as the filet mignon of salmon, with a texture of butter enhanced by a perfect balance of wood smoke, Salmon Fume is the highest quality smoked fish meat...

Caviar Star

Bottarga - Dried and Cured Mullet Roe

Bottarga is the roe from grey mullet caught with hand-thrown nets, harvested, pressed and hand-cured in Clearwater, Florida. Often referred to as Mediterranean caviar, dried and artisanally cured mullet roe has been pleasing palates...


Mojama - Hand Cured Tuna in Sea Salt

Mojama tuna fillet, dry-cured in sea salt, is a rare delicacy from Andalucía. Mojama is made by curing the tuna loins for two to three days (depending on size) then, similarly with Spanish cured ham the salt is washed off and the loins are...