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Great Atlantic Trading, incorporated in 1991, specializes in the import/export of the world's finest caviar and specialty food items. Since the early days of operation, we have been committed to supplying our customers with gourmet products at lower costs than our competition. Due to the the large volume of product continually sourced to us from sustainable fisheries, farms and production facilities, we have achieved our goal of being an affordable, high-quality caviar and specialty item company. 

For over two decades, the Caviar Star brand has brought online customers our finest selection of caviar at wholesale prices. Although good caviar is always an expensive product, we strive to make it affordable, while doing all we can to assure that your caviar is the finest available. We select only the freshest, whether domestic or imported, personally inspecting each and every container we receive. 

Our commitment to quality, displayed in every aspect of production, packaging and distribution, is complemented by our commitment to personal customer service. As a family business we know that, as well as providing quality product, our first priority has to be customer satisfaction. 

Award-winning restaurants, Michelin Star chefs, and online gourmet aficionados around the country appreciate this quality of product and customer care. We invite you to join them to see for yourself, and look forward to serving you!