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Cuttlefish Squid Ink

$10.00 - $23.00
Edible Cuttlefish Ink - 90g (3.2 oz) or 500g (17.6 oz) glass jars Squid ink, also know as cephalopod or cuttlefish ink, is perfect for adding the flavor of the sea to your cuisine. Originally used as a writing tool by the ancient Greeks, the...

José Páez Lobato

Capriete Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$10.00 - $30.00
Capirete Picual variety extra virgin olive oil is a high quality, cold extraction pure EVOO. This superior quality olive oil is obtained directly from Picual olives, one of the most abundant species in the world, in Spain using solely mechanical means...

Huilerie LeBlanc

LeBlanc Sherry Vinegar

17 fl oz (500mL) of premium Xeres wine vinegar, aged 12 years in sherry oak barrels. This delicate and smooth sherry vinegar has a truly outstanding flavor profile that neither overpowers nor gets overpowered when used with other foods. Its dark color...
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Caviar Star

Spanish Saffron Powder

Spanish SaffronThe finest Spanish Saffron imported directly from Spain. A mere pinch of this saffron goes a long way to enhance the flavor and presentation of many dishes. Simply add a pinch to risotto, paella and sauces for seafood like scallops or...
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La Ferme Nahia

Piment d' Espelette

$8.00 - $35.00
Once grown in the Spanish and Portuguese monasteries, the Espelette pepper is a culinary legend in the Basque country of France. Named for the village where the best of them originate, the village of Espelette in southwest France, the peppers are...