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Caviar Star Specials

Why Customers Love Us

My wife and I have been Caviar Star customers for a decade. This caviar was a delight, from the fresh pop of the eggs to the initial tang, to the delicate finish. Thanks

Tom W.

My sister and I ordered 4 oz of the American Hackleback sturgeon caviar for our New Years celebration. We devoured it in one sitting with a good bottle of champagne and toast points. The flavor is amazing and the "pop" of the eggs and subtle saltiness is just right. What a price performer.

Sandy M.

Great order, never late, never any problems and always turns a holiday into a celebration.

Mark P.

Osetra was amazing as was the customer service. A wonderful buying experience.

Erin C.

Last minute order on my part and they pulled the stops out to get it to me on time . Delicious & great service

Eibhlin T.

This caviar was very fresh, promptly delivered, and some of the best I have ever eaten including Beluga

Robert G.

Great product and customer service. Fast Shipping.

Marc D.

We've ordered this product for three years and have never been disappointed. Secure, temperature controlled shipping and quick delivery.

Thomas B.

Love Caviar Star!!! They have great prices and great product!!!

Jennifer W.

fantastic assortment of caviar and accoutrements! Shipments come well packed in ice packs..also, great customer service! I highly recommend CaviarStar!

Marjorie R.

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