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Huilerie LeBlanc

Artisan Nut Oils

Leblanc Nut Oils Established in 1878 Huilerie J. Leblanc is still run by a Leblanc, Jean-Charles, the grandson of the founder. The factory grounds are still located in the southern most village of Burgundy, Iguerande and continues to make high quality,...

Casa Olearia Taggiasca

Dolium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Dolium Silver (filtered) and the Dolium Gold (unfiltered) are both superior category extra virgin olive oils obtained directly from the finest Italian olives. The modern process by which this EVOO is made is through low-speed centrifugation, instead...

José Páez Lobato

Capriete Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Capirete Picual variety extra virgin olive oil is a high quality, cold extraction pure EVOO. This superior quality olive oil is obtained directly from Picual olives, one of the most abundant species in the world, in Spain using solely mechanical means...