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Elle Esse

White Truffle Honey

$9.00 - $25.00
A 4.85oz (130g) or 14oz (400g) glass jar of quality Italian honey enriched with the flavor of fresh white truffles. Made with no preservatives or artificial coloring. This product was created by steeping white truffle in authentic Italian honey. It...

Elle Esse

White Truffle Paste

$38.00 - $70.00
A 3.14oz (90g) of White Truffle Paste, made with no preservatives and no artificial coloring. Use this delicious and aromatic paste as a base for your favorite pasta or cream sauce, or as a flavorful addition to any sauce. The delicate white truffle...

Elle Esse

White Truffle Butter

$12.00 - $25.00
2.8 oz (80g) or 10.59 (300g) glass jar of fresh butter infused with the finest of white Italian truffles, and made with no preservative or artificial coloring. Use like any fresh dairy butter, right out of the jar. Spread on freshly baked bread, toast or...

Elle Esse

White Truffle Flour

White Truffle Flour in a 8.8oz (250g) jar, made with no preservatives and no artificial coloring. If you love the flavor of white truffles, you will love this White Truffle Flour. A wonderful way to flavor soups or roux. Add a pinch to thicken...
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Elle Esse

White Truffle Olive Oil

$6.00 - $34.00
1.86 fl oz, 8.45 fl oz or 17.5 fl oz glass bottle of extra virgin olive oil infused with white truffle juice and truffle pieces of both spring and winter white truffles. Use by Americas finest chefs.  Keep in a cool and dark place "We guarantee...