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Golden Arctic Char Caviar

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The gorgeous, bright yellow-gold roe from Arctic char, also spelled Arctic charr, is an absolute treat to look at and to eat. This small production, rare caviar comes from a frigid-water dwelling fish (Salvelinus aplinus) very closely related to salmon and trout. Much like taste of the meat from the fish itself, the flavor of the roe is in between fresh salmon roe and trout roe, leaning a little bit closer to trout. The grains are slightly smaller and have a more present flavor than roe from trout. The fresh briny flavor of cold water seafood and similar texture to traditional rainbow trout roe make this a familiar yet unique caviar.   

Hand packed and quality checked for color, size, freshness, flavor and texture.





Roe of Arctic Char - (Salvelinus alpinus)

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Donald Kronenberg Jun 14th 2020

Great quality would buy...

Great quality would buy again

Laura Roden Mar 3rd 2020

Very pretty but too...

Disappointed in the Golden Arctic Char: very pretty but too salty. For me it was inedible except as a garnish on a mound of something mild. I ended up sprinkling it on top of mild guacamole. Would also likely have been fine sprinkled on some soft unsalted scrambled eggs.

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