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Caviar Recipes - Pasta with Caviar Butters

(serves 4)


Long Pasta
Unsalted Butter
Hackleback Caviar
Smoked Trout Caviar
Paddlefish Caviar
1 lb. angel hair, spaghetti, or linguini
12 Tbsp. softened
4 Tbsp.
4 Tbsp.
4 Tbsp.
4 tsp. shaved


  1. Cook pasta as directed on box
  2. Meanwhile, mix 4 tablespoons of softened butter with each of the 4 tablespoons of caviar – in four separate bowls.
  3. Drain the pasta and plate 3 swirls per plate
  4. Top each pasta swirl with the softened caviar butters
  5. Garnish with shaved bottarga
  6. Serve immediately with crusty bread and sparkling wine for an amazing holiday meal!

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Hackleback Caviar