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Caviar Recipes - NC Osetra Caviar Biscuits

This recipe takes southern biscuits to another dimension of deliciousness. Enjoy these delicious biscuits for a special brunch and/or appetizer to a special dinner.

Bon Appetit! 

(Serves 4)


Biscuits of choice
Creme Fraiche
Red onion
NC Osetra Caviar
4, 1 in. biscuits cut in half
8 tsp.
8 tsp. diced
8 tsp. diced
8 tsp. (1.5 oz approx.)


1. Place the following ingredients on each biscuit half in this order – 1 tsp crème fraiche, 1 tsp diced gravlax, 3 capers, 1 tsp diced red onion and 1 tsp NC Osetra Caviar.

2. Serve 2 biscuits halves per person, preferably with Champagne!

NC Osetra Caviar