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Caviar Star

Fresh Summer Black Truffles

$55.00 - $360.00
Summer Black Truffles (Tuber Aestivum) are the less mature sister to the Burgundy truffles, foraged earlier in the year giving it a milder taste and much lighter flesh. They can be found in Eastern Europe Italy, France, and parts of Spain.. ...

Elle Esse

Black Truffle Carpaccio

$28.00 - $50.00
3oz/85g glass jar of fresh sliced black truffles mixed in fruity Umbrian olive oil. Carefully made with no preservatives and no artificial coloring, it is perfect for adding amazing flavor to pasta dishes, risotto, sauces, or meat dishes.   Keep in...

Elle Esse

Black Truffle Paste

$24.00 - $45.00
Black Truffle Paste available in a 3.15 oz (90g) or 6.4 oz (180g) glass jar. Use this delicious and aromatic paste as a base for your favorite pasta or cream sauce, or add to other sauces for a flavorful touch. Excellent for making truffle...

Elle Esse

Black Truffle Sauce

6.3 oz (180 g) jar of creamy black truffle sauce. This delicious sauce is a traditional recipe from central Italy. It is a wonderful combination of sliced black Italian truffles and fresh mushrooms, and is ideal for pasta and rice or as a spread on...
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Elle Esse

Black Truffle Olive Oil

$5.00 - $30.00
(55ml) 1.86 fl oz, (250ml) 8.45 fl oz or (500ml) 17.5 fl oz of fine Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with the essence of black truffles. This special oil is particularly suitable for pasta, risotto, eggs and vegetables.  Made by infusion Keep...

Elle Esse

Black Truffle Breakings

12 oz (340g) can containing large chunks, or "breakings" of whole summer truffles. The large pieces trap the amazing aroma and flavor of fresh black truffle. This product is made with no artificial coloring and no preservatives. Refrigerate after opening...
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