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Caviar Star Carbon Neutral Shipping + Discounted, Calculated Shipping Rates!

You asked for it, we listened! The Caviar Star website now features discounted, accurate shipping rates! Shipping costs are calculated live based on delivery location during checkout using our discounted rates through UPS. Rates are based on the shipping service selected with the estimated weight and dimensions, so you pay the exact shipping rate.

The more you spend on your purchase, the more your save on shipping costs!

Order value shipping discounts: 

Spend $100, get 10% off shipping cost.
Spend $200, get 20% off shipping cost.
Spend $300, get 30% off shipping cost.
Spend $400, get 40% off shipping cost.
Spend $500 = Free Shipping.

Free shipping: Order values totaling $500 or more (before the shipping fee) will qualify for free shipping on us.

UPS Shipping insurance will be applied at no charge. Order perishable caviar with ease, worry free! 

*Please contact us if you are concerned with delivery due to a severe storm. We might request holding your order if couriers warn us of imminent delays. We don't want to allow precious caviar to spoil when it can be avoided! :)

Additionally, this year we have partnered with UPS Carbon Neutral to lessen our carbon footprint! 

UPS purchases certified carbon (CO2) offsets as a way to balance out the emissions produced by the transportation of shipments. We purchase carbon offsets through UPS on every shipment sent from our facility. UPS manages everything from calculating the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to purchasing and retiring the carbon offsets, partnering with third-party verification and certification organizations to help validate the service's credibility. 

Check out this link to read more about how UPS carbon Neutral works.  

Through its payments to UPS, Caviar Star contributes to numerous projects, including reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction. To find out more about CarbonNeutral® please click here.

We are continuously committed to lessening our impact on the environment, through our product sourcing choices, day-to-day operations, and now shipping! Thank you for your continued support.