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Wagyu, Lobster, Truffle, and Caviar Burrito

(image credit: Washington City Paper)

Say whaaaaat??? You heard that right. A burrito with wagyu beef, lobster, truffles, and topped with caviar. Mind blown right? Mine is and my taste buds are about to explode. 

This sensational burrito is only available at Poca Madre in Washington DC. So if you want the real deal, "The King" Burrito, then you need to make yourself a trip to the Washington DC area. Otherwise, you might just need to try your luck at an imitation even though no one quite makes it like the Poca Madre fam. 

If you are going to attempt this masterpiece, there are a couple things you will need.


Wagyu beef
Black Caviar
Black Truffles
Black Beans
1 small filet
1 ct. 
1-2 oz.
3-6 oz.
1 ct. - shaved
4-8 oz.

If you have ever eaten or witnessed this burrito of all burritos, let us know in the comments! If you attempt to make this yourself, tell us in the comments as well and show us a beautiful picture of your work!

Black Caviar

Sources: Poca MadreWashington City Paper