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Japan Making a Bid to Become a Caviar Super Power

"Amid the volcanic peaks and hot springs of southern Japan, something fishy is happening: caviar.

And not just any caviar. This roe -- kilogram upon kilogram of it -- is the result of an aquaculture experiment that began with sturgeon imported from the Soviet Union three decades ago. Now, for the first time, the eggs prized as a delicacy around the world are about to be shipped overseas to compete with the Russian and Iranian caviar that dominate the high-end market.  

What’s happening here, on the island of Kyushu, is the latest twist in Japan’s $4 billion-a-year aquaculture industry, which has suffered in recent years because of cheap imports. The hope is that the mild spring waters of the Miyazaki will be an ideal spot for the world’s next caviar powerhouse."

Japan becomes Caviar world power

Japanese caviar is high in supply and ready to expand into several other world markets, making it's debut in Hong Kong earlier this year and having plans to move to North America in the future. With hopes of competing against the cheap Chinese product flooding the market, Japan's high quality caviar, produced through very unique and careful methods, is worth the price. 

We are honored that this Japanese company has chosen to farm White Sturgeon, a species native to the western United States and Canada. We will humbly welcome Japan into the gourmet caviar world and look forward to trying some Japanese raised White Sturgeon when they decide to expand into the North American market. Until then, we will say that our Californian White Sturgeon caviar is still the world's best!

Sources: BloombergSouth China Morning Post

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