Caviar Star is the main brand for Great Atlantic Trading Inc., importer-exporter of caviar and other specialty food items. Since the start of our company on the wharves of Portland, Maine in 1991, we have reliably supplied distributors, wholesalers, chefs, and retail customers with the finest selection of caviar, truffles, escargots, oils, vinegar, and other specialties at wholesale prices.

Ever since the incorporation of the Caviar Star and Great Atlantic Trading Inc., we have offered online shoppers great rates on the highest quality foods sourced from small artisan producers around the world. We bring these fine products into the U.S. in large volumes, which allows our customers to get great deals without compromising quality.

Orders will ship same-day if placed before 3 pm Monday through Friday, delivering NEXT-DAY when required and even ship Friday overnight for Saturday Delivery with the upgraded service. 

Our Commitment to Caviar: Although quality caviar is always an expensive product, we strive to make it affordable. Our commitment to bringing customers only the finest caviar at the lowest prices is achievable thanks to our high-volume facility and expertly trained staff. We distribute only the freshest product, domestic and imported, personally inspecting each and every container we receive in accordance with all government regulations and food safety protocols

Our Trust in Sustainability: Caviar Star's #1 policy is to meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, which is why we offer environmentally conscience and sustainable products! Our partnerships with eco-friendly farms and fisheries are closely monitored to make sure we source products without harming the natural world. Our producers make sure to use green processes and packaging in finalizing their products in order to reduce the carbon footprint and Learn more about our policy here.

Our Customer Focus: Our commitment to quality, displayed in every aspect of production, packaging, and distribution, is complemented by our commitment to personal customer service. As a family business we know that, as well as providing quality products, our first priority has to be customer satisfaction. Many of the finest chefs, caterers, retail customers, and gourmet aficionados around the country appreciate this quality of product and customer care. We invite you to join them to see for yourself and look forward to serving you.