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This dark green, unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bottled as soon as it leaves the mill. It is obtained by using a variety of olives which continue to retain their green color and decidedly fruity taste. These olives are cold pressed naturally and are not subjected to any chemical process. 

In order to really appreciate its fruity taste, it is best used to season salads, legumes, toasted bread. This brilliant oil is matched by the antique style, wire tie down, fluted bottles and rustic label making it also a treat for the eye. 

This fine unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from farms that treat nature with respect. The olives are grown using no chemical products, fertilizers, herbicides or anti-parasitic agents. European Community norms and regulations are rigorously applied in all stages of production, and are strictly controlled by the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (A.I.A.B.)

For no less than four generations, the Farchioni family is one of the farming families in Umbria with the longest tradition dating back as the early 1800's, when they began grinding olives near Spoleto. At the beginning of the twentieth century, (1920) the activity was transferred to its present location in Perugia, chosen by Pompeo Farchioni, father and grandfather of the current partners. Right from the start, a strong link with local agriculture characterized the activity of the Farchioni family, which has consequently held a position of significant social relevance as an engine in the development of the area's economy, thereby contributing to the wellbeing and wealth of many employees and their families. The company structure has always remained that of a family-run concern, a quality which is indispensable to ensure continuity across the generations: the current partners in the Ltd Company being descendants of the founders.

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