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China has become one of the world's largest Caviar producers

"It’s almost a decade since a worldwide ban was imposed on wild caviar production.

Over-fishing, poaching and pollution had wiped out stocks of the fish whose eggs were a popular delicacy.

Today the only legal caviar the rich can buy is farmed.

And much of that is coming from an unlikely source."

China becomes one of the largest caviar producers

China has been preparing to be a caviar super power for the past two decades. Today, now that the numerous farms located throughout the country are all readily producing caviar, the global marketplace is somewhat saturated with Chinese product. 

The influx of Chinese caviar has greatly changed the caviar industry around the world, hurting the wild-caught paddlefish and hackleback market in the U.S., and driving down the price of other farmed sturgeon caviars raised outside of Asia.

While many keen to the caviar world are aware of the surging Chinese caviar market, most shoppers are not informed that their favorite caviar, which once was farmed in Europe or the US, has now been replaced with cheaper Chinese product by their suppliers. This deception from some companies trying to make more profit, plus the inconsistencies of quality that can be attributed to poor farming and production practices within China, has greatly increased the riskiness related to buying caviar.

In this ever-changing caviar market, only educated consumers can be sure they get the product they want from a source they can trust. Caviar Star always states in which country the caviar was farmed and produced so that our customers are never in the dark about what product or species they are receiving. 

On our site we sell two types of caviar sourced from one Chinese farm: a most reputable, state-of-the-art facility held to the same quality standards of western farms. Currently there are not many farms in China that are held to the same standard of quality, which is why we are happy to make this fine Asian product available for our customers to try!

Buy Imported Caviar Online

Buy Imported Caviar online

Source: Al Jazeera

Photo Credit: Al Jazeera

Video Credit: Al Jazeera