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Chef Massimo Bottura and Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - CBS News 60 Minutes

"Obsession is the key to success."

Massimo Bottura is one of the most recognized chefs in the world today. This Italian restaurateur is the famous chef patron of Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-star restaurant which has been listed in the top 5 at The World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards every year since 2010, winning either 3rd place, 2nd place or 1st place for the past six years. Placed in the medieval city center of Modena, Italy, the Osteria Francescana juxtaposes culinary traditions and innovations with contemporary art and design. As the visionary and culinary director of the first #1 World ranked restaurant based in Italy (2016, 2018), chef Bottura uses the finest ingredients to sculpt his precious creations, including real balsamic vinegar. 

Born and raised in Modena in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, Massimo Bottura is often considered the ambassador of the balsamic vinegar. He prefers traditional balsamic vinegar and extravecchio aged balsamics that exalt the scents and flavors of his modenesi masterpieces. In 2005, Bottura published a book entitled “Aceto Balsamico”, a dedication to the Modena treasure with new original recipes featuring fine balsamic vinegar. Using only excellent raw materials, Bottura shares his favorite hometown products with the world and encourages readers to visit Modena to experience them firsthand.

In a recent 60 Minutes episodes, chef Bottura took Lesley Stahl through his process of creating truly unique and delicious food artworks. It all starts with finding the best ingredients possible. Many of the raw materials used at Osteria Francescana, including traditional balsamic vinegar, are conveniently sourced from Modena. Being surrounded by such plentiful fine food resources makes it easier for Bottura and his chef's to push boundaries and re-write the rules of cuisine. 

"Our kitchen is not a list of ingredients or demonstration of technical abilities. It is a narration of the Italian landscape and our passions."

The innovative culinary designs of Massimo Bottura and the Oseria Francescana have now found their way into popular media. In addition to CBS News, Osteria Francescana is depicted as a location in the Master of None TV series (season 2, episode 2). The restaurant was also featured in Netflix original series Somebody Feed Phil (season 2, episode 1) and was the focus of the very first episode of Chef’s Table.

Watch the full CBS News 60 Minutes interview with Massimo Bottura below, and notice some familiar looking products:

Chef Bottura is seen using
25 year aged vinegar at 1:15 when shopping for ingredients in Modena, Italy, and using saba vinegar at 5:14 to top off appetizers. The award-winning chef truly cherishes the flavors and products of his homeland and we are so glad he has shared them in such a marvelous and elegant fashion. Although experiencing the modenesi aromas and flavors that Massimo Bottura captures at Osteria Francescana requires traveling to Italy and getting on a waiting list for a restaurant reservation, we are happy 60 Minutes was able to take us behind the scenes to show us the man behind the culinary art.

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