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10 Delicious Fig Vincotto Ideas

Vincotto translates literally as cooked wine although it is not actually a wine reduction, rather it is a reduction of unfermented fruit and skins of grapes or other tree fruit such as figs. The result is a sweet-tart flavor known in Italian as agrodolce. How exactly do you use this amazing product?


1. Add a drop or two to seltzer water and crushed ice for a refreshing summer fig shrub cocktail

2. Whip into sweetened Chantilly cream and serve with grilled stone fruit

3. Whisk into a compound butter and serve on everything!

4. Simmer with caramelized shallots for topping grilled meats and seafood

5. Drizzle over roasted beets for a perfect pairing

6. Brush onto your next rack of baby back ribs instead of barbeque sauce

7. Rub into your next roasted chicken

8. Toss with fresh strawberries before serving over vanilla gelato

9. Spoon those same strawberries into your favorite pavlova or trifle

10. Use instead of syrup the next time you make crepes – yum!

Bon Appetito!

Fig Vincotto Vinegar