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Clovis France

French Gourmet Mustard

Clovis FRANCE, located in the Champagne region of France, has produced fine mustards since the 19th Century. These 7 oz jars of gourmet mustard are a perfect for French cuisine: Green Peppercorn...

Clovis France

Vilux French Dijon Mustard

Characterized by a very high mustard seed content, this Dijon offers a hot and powerful mustard flavor. Made from experienced craftsman, this popular condiment is wonderfully dry and rich tasting...

Clovis France

Clovis Tarragon White Wine Vinegar

33.5 fluid ounce (1 liter) of French white wine vinegar with sprigs of tarragon for incredible sweet herb flavor. This delicious artisan crafted vinegar was made by esteemed producers in Reims...