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Top Caviar Dishes For Caviar Serving | How to Serve Caviar

What should you serve caviar on? When you're presenting a quality product like ours, you don't want to resort to your everyday dishes. The best caviar dishes for serving combine function with fashion, allowing the caviar to take center stage.

Why It's Important

If you love caviar, it's good to have at least one dedicated caviar serving dish in your cabinet. In fact, it's a good idea to stock up on caviar spoons as well.

Pay close attention to the materials when choosing dishes or cutlery for caviar. The composition can have adverse effects on the taste. Silver spoons, for example, will ruin the taste of your caviar due to the salt content which enhances the natural electrical current that occurs when silver hits your tongue, causing an acidic and off-putting metallic taste. 

Wood can also contribute unwanted flavors and should be avoided, as there are many better alternatives. Also, many classic caviar serving ware is made with natural materials and byproducts of other food items, like abalone, mollusks, beef cow bone and horn, and more.

The following materials are all suitable for serving caviar:

  • Mother of pearl
  • Bone/horn
  • Shell
  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Plastic

Before purchasing a new caviar serving dish or spoon, make sure it's composed of one of the materials on the list, and take special care to avoid wood and metal, in particular, Silver. When you've invested in a sumptuous ingredient like caviar, you want to be able to savor every bite.

Top Caviar Dishes For Serving

Silver Fish 6-Shot Glass Server

This serving dish is unique in its inclusion of shot glasses, which are designed to keep six servings of high-end vodka (or whatever you want) chilled as you enjoy the caviar.

The dish itself has a silver finish, but the flat-bottomed shot glasses and caviar serving bowl are all made of glass. A removable metal rack is in place to hold the glasses and serving bowl just above the ice, ensuring that all the ingredients remain at the proper temperature.

The serving dish is distinguished by a domed lid with a fish-shaped handle, with matching handles on either side of the ice bowl. It's capable of holding a 4-ounce jar of our premium caviar or scoop out up to 8 ounces into the glass bowl insert. If you'd prefer to keep various offerings on hand instead of serving vodka as an accompaniment, the shot glass holes will hold 1-ounce jars perfectly.

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Silver Fish Top Bowl Caviar Server

This is a more basic version of the shot glass server. The broad silver bowl holds just enough ice to chill your caviar, while a removable metal rack holds the glass serving bowl in place. A fish-shaped handle sits atop a rounded lid that's designed to keep the caviar fresh throughout the session.

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Silver Sturgeon Caviar Serving Dish

With its iridescent nacre finish, this dish is a conversation piece as well as the ideal serving tray for sturgeon caviar.

Each model is hand-crafted from sterling silver and iridescent salt-water mother of pearl, and features a sturgeon carving along the rim. Measuring about 11 centimeters in diameter, the dish includes a trio of silver "feet" for support.

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Silver Cone Caviar Server

Our cone-shaped silver-plated serving dish sits atop a triangular pedestal, making the caviar the star of the show. The piece is handcrafted in Argentina and can be used to serve other dishes as well, although the martini-style ice cup makes it perfect for caviar.

The serving dish is made of the finest hand-blown glass and can hold up to 2 ounces of select sturgeon roe. There's also a lid for the dish to help ensure freshness as well as temperature control.

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Mother of Pearl Spoon, Wooden Inlay Handle

This mother of pearl spoon pairs perfectly with the silver sturgeon serving dish. The entire spoon measures 4 centimeters in length and is crafted from the finest nacre to highlight the fresh, briny taste of the caviar. A round, polished wooden handle allows for easy gripping.

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Shell Caviar Spoon With Abalone Inlay

Made from polished ocean mollusk shell, this utensil is both serviceable and elegant. The spoon is a lovely iridescent white from the head to the handle, with an inky rainbow abalone accent right at the tip. Like the previous offering, it measures 4 inches long, with just the right spoon-head size and shape for the perfect bite of caviar.

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Shell Caviar Utensils

Although spoons are essential to the caviar serving experience, it can be useful to have a small knife and fork on hand as well. This set, which is constructed from the shells of river mollusks, has you covered.

The spoon is designed to hold the perfect amount of caviar, while the two-pronged fork is ideal for serving escargots. Meanwhile, the 4.5-inch knife has a broad edge designed to spread butter or pate across a swath of toast.

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What To Serve With Caviar

When serving caviar, you want the product to be the focal point of the presentation. However,

you can serve accompaniments while still allowing the fresh taste of the roe to shine through.

Consider adding small dishes of butter or crème fraîche alongside the caviar, and supplying a batch of toast points or blinis. That way, people who prefer to enjoy their caviar in an adulterated form are welcome to do so. Of course, you should still have the appropriate amount of serving spoons on hand to accommodate the "straight up" crowd.

Remember to keep the caviar at temperatures between 27 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. The container should be air-tight and properly sealed until serving time. If you've followed these rules and purchased serving dishes made out of the right materials, your caviar serving session should be a great success.

Bon appetit!