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Where to eat caviar across America

"Few sights are as extravagant as a spoon heaped with glossy beads of caviar. But at a time when a 10-table joint with concrete walls and a Beastie Boys soundtrack can signal fine dining just as much as a gilded dining room once did, caviar is no longer an import designated solely for big-ticket anniversary splurges. In fact, it might just be 2018’s most desirable ingredient."

Chicago's Bellemore Chicago

New York City's Air's Champagne Parlor

Washington D.C.'s Siren by Robert Wiedmaier

Brooklyn's Saltbrick Tavern

where to eat caviar in america

Caviar and other salted fish roes are being used more regularly and diversely than ever before. Advances in sturgeon farming have lowered the cost of true caviar to a point which now allows chefs and caviar connoisseurs to be more creative when using the product.

Without the usual concerns of purchasing an expensive ingredient, more restaurants are featuring caviar on their menus. Both the sources and the usage rates of the product are increasing, making caviar more popular than ever.

Here are local establishments in North Carolina and some places in neighboring states featuring caviar on their menus:

Nana's Restaurant - Durham

Royale - Raleigh

Bentley’s on 27 - Charlotte

Fig - Charleston

Husk - Charleston

Husk - Savannah

Harper's Table - Suffolk

Empire State South - Atlanta

Hot & Hot Fish Club - Birmingham

Highlands Bar and Grill - Birmingham

All black caviar in stock



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Air's Champagne Parlor