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What's the best way to store caviar before and after it's opened?

When you receive caviar and don't want to immediately eat all of it right out the box, you will have to store the container in somewhere cold to prevent spoilage. Malossol caviar is highly perishable, requiring cold temperatures as well as minimal air exposure for the product to maintain an average shelf-life of 4 to 6 weeks.

The best way to protect the quality of your caviar is to keep it unopened and refrigerated until consumption. Keeping the containers vacuum sealed is crucial to preventing contamination, making smaller size containers a better option for personal use than larger ones.

After opening your caviar container, any of the leftovers you plan on saving for later should be returned to the fridge. To limit air exposure during re-storing, the container's lid should be put back on tightly. With our screw-top glass jars, we recommend a first using a piece of food-grade plastic wrap to cover the open product before screwing on the lid.

Maintaining a vacuum-like environment is the first processes in storing fresh caviar. No matter if the seal is broken or not, a refrigerator at temperatures ranging from 26° to 36° F is a necessity for the storage of any quality, low-salt caviar.

Can I freeze my caviar?

Yes, you can freeze your caviar to extend the shelf life to about a year. However, the caviar will have slightly less flavor and a softer texture once thawed. Repeat freezes and thaws will intensify the softening of the caviar's flavor and texture.

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