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Time temperature indicator to ensure safe food delivery

Caviar Star just got something new in stock! No, it's not a new species of sturgeon caviar or any of the usual specialties we blog about, but it is something you might receive in your next order.

Starting this week of April 16th, 2018, all perishable or temperature sensitive shipments will include one of our brand new temperature testers. These time temperature indicators (TTI) will further help our customers ensure that the product they received is fresh and safe to consume.

Every shipment of perishable goods ordered from, or from our Amazon and eBay accounts, will include a TempDot Plus indicator label. This tester will be located on a business card placed near the product and should be inspected immediately upon delivery/receipt of the product.

On the temperature tester, look at the bottom of the tester and locate a horizontal strip below the "on" button. Every TempDot tester should arrive with a white strip. This means that the product was not exposed to temperatures above 37°F and arrived in time to gaurantee safe food consumption. If the time strip is blue when you received the package, please contact us here or call us at 888-268-8780.

After receiving your package and inspecting the temp-strip, you will most likely need to store the product in your refrigerator. The FDA recommends all consumers maintain their home refrigerators between 35-37°F. If you are not sure that your refrigeration temperature is below 37°F, you should consume the product within one week upon delivery. If you ordered caviar, you can freeze it to increase the storage life of the product but it might lose some quality once it's defrosted and prepared for consumption.

We are always striving to assure that every perishable order is delivered safely, on time, and within the correct temperature parameters to ensure it is good to eat upon arrival. Customer safety is a number one priority! 

All black caviar in stock