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NC Osetra is Back in Stock!

| Russian Sturgeon Caviar Farm Raised in Our Home State of North Carolina. |

The wait is over. Caviar Star has finally received fresh new production of the  NC Osetra and NC Golden Osetra caviar. Along with its gorgeous light amber pearls, the taste of this domestic caviar is simply divine.

NC Osetra Caviar

Originating from the Caspian Sea, this amber NC Osetra Caviar is hatched and raised in a pristine aqua farm located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. With a malossol cure (lightly salted), this Russian sturgeon produced caviar exudes a pronounced and pleasingly nutty flavor that's sure to be appreciated by the caviar novice and aficionado alike. An exceptional domestically produced caviar.

NC Golden Osetra Caviar

The NC Golden Osetra Caviar, produced by traditional methods in North Carolina, has the same firmness and delicious flavor as our amber NC Osetra, but has golden amber hues that range in color from light brown to golden yellow. This rare visually appealing caviar is treasured for its nutty and buttery flavor.

NC Osetra Caviar