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MSC Certified Domestic Salmon Roe

MSC Fisheries Standard

The MSC Fisheries Standard is based on the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations’ Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing. The Code was established in with international efforts following three core principles including:

  • Sustainable Fish Stocks
  • Minimizing Environmental Impact
  • Effective Management

We no longer carry MSC certified salmon roe but our delicios Kosher certified salmon roe is sourced from the deep cold waters of the northern Pacific Ocean from Alaska. It is clean and sustainable which translates into extraordinary flavor and an excellent choice in caviar.

Color – Deep Orange * Pearls Large Sized * Flavor Sweet & Briny

Hand Packed & Quality Checked for Color, Size, Freshness, Flavor and Texture.

Call or email your sales contact today for pricing * Just in time for the holiday season!