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Mar-a-Lago serves caviar on plastic spoons

(photo credit: vacayinbae)

he Instagram image that cemented vacayinbaes 15 minutes of fame was something less breathtaking: It was a quick snap posted last weekend from Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, Fla. Trump had to skip a fundraiser at the resort, known as his Winter White House, marking the first anniversary of his presidency to wait as lawmakers tried to jump-start the government. The photo in question showed a silver caviar server with a pair of plastic spoons perched awkwardly on the edge."

Just like what was stated by Instagram user vacayinbae, "mother of pearl" material would have been the more elegant spoon and serving-ware option for this caviar presentation, especially since it was served by a high-end resort. Using plastic to serve caviar definitely cheapens the presentation, but at least these spoons do not negatively affect the flavor of the caviar like metal and wooden spoons do.

As for the accompaniments, these too could have been improved as well. Red onions and diced, hard-boiled chicken eggs are commonly used to top off the cheaper (or stronger tasting) caviar. While crackers right out of the package aren't the worst thing to put under your fish roe, some blinis or toasted baguette slices are usually better for complimenting the caviar making an overall more elegant display and tasting experience.

Considering what vacayinbae probably had to spend for that caviar spread, her little grievance is understandable. There are a lot of businesses that serve caviar and don't exactly know (or care) about the proper ways to serve fine caviar. Although this photo gained its national recognition because it was taken at The Mar-a-Lago Club, it did bring the particulars of caviar service into the spotlight for a moment, even being the source of some late night television jokes. 

Any restaurant or high end resort that wants to avoid being called out by caviar connoisseurs should learn the best ways to serve and present fine fish roes. No one wants to their establishment in the news for being cheap, especially when they serve a high-end product like caviar.

Mother of pearl utensils and caviar server

Source: The Washington Post