Gusto Emilia Parmesan From Caviar Star

Forget everything you think you know about Parmesan cheese. Gusto Emilia makes the most amazing Parmesan I have ever had the pleasure of tasting and now, we are excited to be able to offer to you.

The cows that are used to make this unique cheese graze in the mountains and meadows with many varieties of fodder and flowers that give more milk nutritional value and organoleptic characteristics (various scents). This makes the food they take in more diverse and that results in a unique tasting and fragrant Parmesan .

Unlike many industrialized farms, Gusto Emilia enlists the help of a dairyman. To help you understand his position and importance, see the excerpt from their website.

"The craftsmanship of our product is to be applauded by this point.If we look at the food industry in which industrialization has now taken over, we producers of Parmigiano Reggiano’re proudly value the dairyman, who with his hands decides when and how to create a form, according to ancient procedures all passed down orally from dairyman to dairyman.The Dairy Cavola is fortunate to have as a dairyman, Giuseppe Razzoli, awarded by the consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano with the gold medal for the excellence of its cheese. He ’s young, 42 years old and with a great desire to always improve.

The care and attention to detail on this farm produces the kind of cheese the you will never forget. For more information on pricing and availability please contact us.