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Going Green! Environmentally-Friendly Shipping Boxes

Introducing Caviar Star's latest attempt to reduce waste and remove processes that negatively impact the planet. Our brand-new, more "environmentally friendly" insulated shipping boxes are now being used on certain medium to large sized orders. These boxes include a two-piece thermal insulation liner made out of recycled cotton clothing and jean material encased in biodegradable plastic. Compared to Styrofoam, the most commonly used cheap and effective insulator, these are far better for the environment and can keep frozen and refrigerated product under temperature for the same amount of time (up to 48 hours). 

Additionally, these eco-insulations are a lot more malleable and space-efficient than other temperature controlled containers, allowing for up to 75% more room for product and gel ice compared to molded foam. We hope to eventually expand our use of these eco-shippers to all box sizes and completely remove Styrofoam from our shipments.


Since the industry standard for insulating perishable packages relies on a non-renewable waste product that is not good for the environment, it is important that we differentiate ourselves and take steps to find cleaner alternatives. These biodegradable shipping boxes can greatly help us reduce our waste and carbon footprint from daily operations. Our initial in-house testing shows that eco-shippers might be better than Styrofoam molds for keeping product cold. With lots of room for ice and a time-temperature indicator in each box, our shipments have always been guaranteed safe for the duration of transit. For the first time we can say they are delivered using 100% earth-conscious materials.

Cheers to getting our caviar the green way