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A passion for truffles for over half a century…

Elle Esse Italian Truffle products started back in 1948 when Nello Caporicci opened a small workshop next to his families trattoria and began to dream about “trapping” the flavors and aromas of his homeland. More than half a century has gone by and today Elle Esse still remains loyal to its traditions, overseeing each and every process phase of their 100% Italian truffle products. Generation after generation the big family has nurtured a love for the work they do and their homeland of Umbria in the heart of Italy that generously offers the finest ingredients.

As the sole US distributor of Elle Esse products, Caviar Star*Great Atlantic Trading offers a full line of these amazing products including; truffle juice, truffle carpaccio, truffle oil, truffle paste, truffle peelings, truffle salt, truffle sauce, truffle butter, truffle flour & truffle honey.