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Caviar Recipes - Young Potatoes with Siberian Caviar and Fromage Blanc

The flavor of fromage blanc has a tangy pizazz, an element that is lacking in cream cheese. Paired with steamed young potatoes and topped with black caviar (we suggest Siberian caviar), this recipe is a true delicacy. 

(serves 4)(40 min.)


Young Potatoes
Siberian Caviar
Fromage blanc (or greek yogurt)
12 small
50g (2 oz.)
Pinch (to taste)


1. Clean the potatoes and steam them for about 25 minutes, peel them and dig with a small spoon in order to form a hole.

2. Mash the extracted potato with a fork and mix it with the fromage blanc and a pinch of salt. 

3. Put the mix inside the potato and serve with plenty of caviar.

Polish Siberian Caviar

Image credit: Calvisius Caviar

Recipe credit: Calvisius Caviar