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Caviar Recipes - Oyster Stew with Smoked Steelhead Caviar


Oysters x 20 each, shucked - strain liquor & reserve 

Butter x 2 Tbsp, unsalted 

Onion x 1 small, fine dice 

Celery x 1 rib, fine dice 

Cream x ½ cup Whole 

Milk x 2 ½ cups 

Smoked Steelhead Caviar x 1 ounce 

Chives or Fennel Fronds to garnish

  • 1.Saute the onion & celery in the butter until tender
  • 2.Add cream, milk & oyster liquor until heated then turn heat down to simmer
  • 3.Then add the shucked oysters and cook until the ridges are furled (5-10 minutes)
  • 4.Serve 10 oysters per bowl & equal parts soup
  • 5.Garnish with ½ ounce each of smoked steelhead caviar, fresh chives or fresh fennel fronds

Serve with toasty hot baguette slices or saltine crackers