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Black River Osetra Caviar

This delicious Osetra caviar is farmed on the banks of the pristine waters of the Rio Negro River in Uruguay. The traditional malossol method of using little salt makes this caviar clean & bright. Its large firm eggs vary from dark brown to gray to golden. Its flavor is nutty & delicious with a creamy finish. This is a lovely addition to our sustainable Osetra caviar line. Hand Packed & quality checked for color, size, freshness, flavor and texture.

Rio Negro River, Uruguay

"The Río Negro (Black River) is the most important river in Uruguay. It originates in the southern highlands of Brazil, just east of Bagé, and flows west across the entire width of Uruguay to the Uruguay River. The course of the Río Negro across Uruguay effectively divides the south of the country from the north. The Río Negro's principals tributaries are Yí River and Tacuarembó River." [1]

Black River Osetra Caviar

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