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Aged White Balsamic

In order to understand white balsamic one first needs to understand balsamic. What defines a vinegar is the fermentation of alcohol -- typically wine but also beer or cider -- into acetic acid. Red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar are made that way. Balsamic isn't made like that. Balsamic vinegar is not made from wine, rather it is made from the juice of grape pressings known as “grape must”. Historically, balsamic was not just a type of grape juice reduction. Our Acetaia Reali balsamic vinegar is has been made in the same tradition for over 120 year by gently boiling down grape pressings into a dark syrup using the grape must of white Trebbiano grapes or red Lambrusco, then it is aged under rigid restrictions. Balsamic is aged like wine and the serious aging process can take between 4-100 years and requires meticulous care which is why true balsamic is not inexpensive. As the syrup ages, evaporates and thickens it is moved successively into smaller barrels made of oak, chestnut, ash, mulberry, cherry and juniper adding to the flavor complexity of the balsamic. If you think you’ve found a great deal with cheap grocery store balsamic, think again. True balsamic can cost as much as a great bottle of wine. Cheap “balsamic” is basically cheap white wine vinegar with flavor and coloring added to it. The key to true balsamic is to look for the words “grape must”, “aged grape must” or “Mosto d’Uva” in the list of ingredients. True balsamic must have a seal of certification from either Modena or Reggio Emilia – these are the only two regions that can produce true balsamic. Once you’ve discovered true balsamic like our Acetaia Reale traditional balsamics you have a choice between white or dark. The difference between white and dark is that white balsamic is not aged in charred barrels and it is not aged for a long period of time which gives it an elegant clean flavor that is perfect for light colored foods. True balsamic has rich, deep flavor thus 1-2 tsp is enough for a serving.

For a lovely light vinaigrette use 2 tsp 4 Year Old Acetaia Reale White Balsamic & 1 tsp EVO per person. Use to dress; green salads & steamed/roasted/grilled vegetables, chicken or fish.

One taste and you’ll be hooked!