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This elegant caviar gift box includes a 4.4 ounce (125 gram) tin of fine American caviar from sustainable wild-caught Hackleback, Paddlefish, Alaskan Salmon roe or farm-raised royal White Sturgeon, plus a 4 inch (11 cm) mother of pearl caviar serving spoon. These small boxes are a delicious and luxurious present, perfect for Birthdays, seasonal holidays, and New Year's Eve!

Pick your caviar from the following selections:

Royal White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus) - A wonderfully nutty taste and beautiful color, ranging from deep amber to dark gold. It is lighter in color and slightly bolder in flavor compared to traditional or Classic White Sturgeon Caviar. The North American White Sturgeon is the largest of the American sturgeon and third largest sturgeon in the world and the medium-sized eggs are consistently fresh and very high quality, appreciated for having a fresh, mildly earthy but delicate flavor with a creamy, lingering finish. This product is farm-raised in Sacramento, California in conformity with all international health, animal welfare and environmental regulations.

Hackleback Sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus Platorynchus) - Indigenous to the Missouri and Mississippi river areas, American sand sturgeons (also known as hackleback, shovelnose or switchtail) are faster growing than most other species, reaching about 38" at full maturity, and the world's smallest sturgeon. The roe is dark and firm with a very mild, subtle flavor. Being the only commercially fished sturgeon in the United States, Hackleback is the last American Wild caviar. A very nice, wild caught U.S. product.

Paddlefish (Polyodon Spathula) - American Paddlefish, also known as "spoonbill" because of its duckbill-like snout, is a cartilaginous cousin to the Hackleback Sturgeon wild caught in the Mississippi River. Our fine paddlefish roe harvested from the Mississippi and White River systems ranges in color from light green to dark steel gray, and is comparable to Caspian Sea Sevruga in flavor. A fine yet less expensive alternative to sturgeon caviar. 

American Salmon Roe (Oncorhynchus keta) - Our delicious salmon roe is sourced from the deep, cold waters of the Northern Pacific Ocean surrounding Alaska. The salmon from this region are prized for producing caviar with larger, firmer beads. The product is clean and sustainable, exploding with juicy sweetness and an extraordinary flavor of the sea. This high quality Ikura, salmon caviar is a perfect treat for the discriminating sushi enthusiast.

*Caviar packaged in a metallic-look silver, red, or blue box (depending on holidays and availability) & includes a Mother of Pearl (MOP) Mosaic Handle Spoon - Beautifully smooth and sturdy 4" caviar spoon with a tiny crushed shell-filled clear resin handle. 



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Customer Dec 27th 2019


Great product. Delivered in pristine condition. All are good, but try the US domestic offerings. An incredible value, sustainable and from the USA!! I know and love imported caviar, but don’t miss these national treasures.

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